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FitnessBug 7ft Olympic Barbell 20kg -Black

In Stock

    Fitness Bug 7ft Olympic Barbell 20kg – Siege

    • No Centre Knurling
    • Fitness Bug branded end caps
    • Suitable for use with all  2" Olympic weight plates
    • Please note this bar is designed for training. It is not competition certified.
    • Please note: This bar is not suitable for exercises that involve dropping the bar from overhead  (e.g olympic weight lifting movements, etc)
    • Specifications as below (approximate measurements)
      • Bar weight: 20kg
      • Bar length: 220cm (7.2ft)
      • Grip diameter: 28mm
      • Centre length: 131cm (4.3ft)
      • Sleeve diameter: 50mm (2")
      • Sleeve length: 44.5cm (17.5")
      • Material: 45 Steel
      • 4 x bearings & 2 x bushing
      • Bar & Sleeve Finishing: Silver Chrome Sleeve & Electroplated Shaft
      • Max Static Load: 320kg - SGS Tested
      • Knurling: Single
    • Care instructions: Please do not drop the bar on bench, box, spotter arms on power rack. Avoid dropping with damaged bumpers or iron plates. Minimum 18mm thick rubber mats must be used and the bar must not be stored with weights loaded. Indoor use only.
    • UPC 5060564934277
    • Buy affordable Olympic Barbell at FitnessBug

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      How Long is a 20kg Olympic Barbell in the UK?

      Olympic barbells mostly come in two different weights: 20kg men's Olympic barbells and 15kg women’s barbells,  Barbells also have different types of knurling. Knurling is the crosshatch or diamond-shaped pattern on the shaft of barbells. Olympic barbell knurling increases friction between your hands and the bar, which helps improve the grip.

      • A men’s olympic barbell has a length of 2.2meters (86.4 inches / 7ft)
      • A women's olympic barbell has a length of 2.01 meters (79.2 inches / 6.6ft)

      How Much Does a 7ft Olympic Bar Cost?

      A 7ft barbell price range could be anywhere from £ 200 to £ 1000+. The majority of 7ft barbells in the market cost £ 150 and £ 400. Barbells that are used during official Olympic events can cost $1000 or more.

      Although, a 7ft barbell can be bought at FitnessBug from £99.95.

      How Much Does a 7ft Barbell Weigh?

      The standard weight of a 7ft Olympic barbell is 20kg. A 20kg 7ft Olympic barbell can be used for weight lifting exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bent-over rows and even bicep curls.

      Browse through our latest collection of weight training equipment and find the one that matches your fitness needs!

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    FitnessBug 7ft Olympic Barbell 20kg -Black

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