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Tri Grip Olympic Weight plates 2.5kg to 20kg

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    Rubber Encased Tri-Grip Olympic Weight Plates

    Please select the desired weight from the drop down selection. Sold in pairs.

    Note these are not bumper plates and not suitable for dropping from a height.

    • Heavy-duty cast-iron core encased in a heavy-duty rubber coating to help reduce noise levels whilst protecting the floors and other equipment.
    • Weight disks with easy pickup hand grip bringing you a more convenient usage.
    • The tri grip weight plates feature a 2" / 50mm diameter bore hole designed for use with Olympic style barbells.
    • Olympic weight plates feature 3 handles built into the edges of the plate, enabling users to perform a range of compound and isolated movements even without a barbell.
    • All rubber plates will have a rubber smell and will have a protective lubricant. Please wipe before use to prevent floor marking.

    100kg Set Includes: 2 x 5kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg and 2 x 20kg plates.

    • UPC 5060564934215
    • Tri grip Olympic Weight Plates for Better Workout Results

      There are two types of weight plates: Standard weight plates and Olympic weight plates. The most basic difference is its hole size. The hole size of the Olympic plate is 2-inches while that of the standard plate is 1-inch. Also, the prices of standard-weight plates are relatively less costly than Olympic plates. The subtypes of Olympic plates are iron plates, rubber weight plates, and Tri grip Olympic weight plates.

      All these plates are athlete-friendly. If you are curious to add it to your home or commercial gym then give preference to rubber plates as they are easier to lift and safe for the floor too. 

      How much do tri-grip Olympic plates weigh?

      The range of Olympic tri-grip weight plates is from 1.25 kg to 25 kg. The steel ring inside allows sliding the bar easily. The fascinating triple grip design allows safe handling and also protects the floor. Whether the Olympic weight plates are 20kg or 2.5 kg you can exercise with them and get effective results. 

      What are the specifications of 20kg Olympic weight plates? 

      The Olympic weight plates of 20 kg come in heavy-duty cast iron and rubber coating. The rubber disks are more convenient than iron plates. The diameter of the hole is 50 mm that allows an Olympic size barbell to pass through. The weight plates have 3 handles which also allow the users to perform isolated and compound exercises without a barbell.

      How much do tri-grip Olympic weight plates in the UK cost?

      The prices of Olympic tri-grip weight plates vary from store to store. You can expect £52.95 for 1 cast iron tri-grip Olympic weight plate of 20 kg. The pair would cost around £105.95.  A single 2.5 kg weight plate will cost around £9.95. Similarly, the prices of 5 kg, 10 kg, 15kg, and 25 kg will be different. 

      At Fitnessbug, you’ll find different workout equipment, each designed to meet specific workout goals. So, if you are looking for premium quality rubberized or cast iron plates of any weight then you’ve come to the right place. Make sure you browse through our collection to find something that suits you the best! 

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    Tri Grip Olympic Weight plates 2.5kg to 20kg

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