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Olympic plates in the UK are available in a wide range, they are more adaptive, and a better choice for to help you achieve your fitness goals. Standard weights usually come in lighter sizes compared to olympic plates. The primary difference between both plates is the diameter. Standard weight plates have a 1-inch hole but Olympic plates have a 2-inch hole.. Apart from this, there are various other advantages which are as follows:


A pair of standard weight plates can not be used as Olympic weight plates, but Olympic weight plates can be used as Standard weight plates with inexpensive adapters.  

Grip plates 

The grip-style Olympic weight plates in the UK have built-in convenient handles. This makes the lifting and storing of the weight plates easier. The grip makes the plates versatile enough to exercise beyond the bar and receive equal benefits as that of dumbbell and kettlebell exercises.   

What are the benefits of working out with Olympic plates?

Olympic plates are best for improving your upper body strength. This is because you are able to grip the plates and perform a variety of upper body exercises. Olympic plates will get you the best results if your goal is to build more core stability because these plates can be very conveniently positioned in front of the chest. 

What are the exercises you can do with Olympic plates?

Exercises with Olympic plates will help you target areas like shoulders, triceps, biceps, back, and abs. Some exercises you can include as part of your workout regime are: 

  • Front shoulder raise
  • Chest squeeze press
  • Lateral raise 
  • Squat press
  • Side bend
  • Squat reach